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India has introduced wide variety of art and craft to the world, one of the most famous among them is furniture. Antique furniture of India is known for its design and look along with its durability. Usually we use ‘antique’ for collectibles, here antique furniture are just not collectibles but they are being used as décor as well as utility. They hold wide utility ranges as from casual living area to classy office.
Indian antique furniture is varied from ethnic appearance to flat hard wood, from well carved to beautifully painted furniture. Veneering is also commonly seen among them. They are made up of metal and expensive hardwood mostly as teak, sal, mahogany, ebony, rose wood etc which gives them the strength to stand for long. It is also being said that Indians practiced coating paint on the furniture since 16-17th century which is also a reason of their durability.

India has been multicultural since ancient times and its impact can be seen on antique furniture also. A variety of designs are seen varying from solid furniture from central region to bait furniture from hilly or eastern region; hand painted from western part especially Rajasthan to well carved from south. Even various styles of antique furniture can be seen influenced from different era and kingdom like mughal, rajputana, gupta, maurayan etc. various other material can also be seen in these antique furniture as different metals (in form of hook, nails, border etc ), alloys, fruit tree woods, glazed veneers, horns, ivory (horn and ivory are banned now ), fur, fabrics as per design.

Being only one of their type and quality Indian antique furniture becomes more valuable along with their design and strength value because they are not going to increase in number with increase in their demand. We can call it gift for us from the past or we are adding value to the past, any way around it will hold its value higher.

Along with a new look as décor antique furniture of India adds a class to its surrounding. Undoubtedly it gives a rich classic appearance and also it is a greener way to create a new look.

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